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The Process

Your first visit with Dr. Pastore will be a consultation which will include an extensive intake of medical history, life style evaluation and comprehensive physical exam. If treatment is required to address any acute pain or illness it will be performed at that visit. At that meeting you will also review any prior test results you may have and discuss additional diagnostics testing the doctor may recommend.

Initial assessment identifies ongoing disease processes and diseases to which a person might be predisposed. Recommendations are offered to alter the natural history of disease taking into account patient preferences regarding treatment modality. The body's intrinsic mechanisms for countering disease are maximized via lifestyle changes, supplementation, and energy based therapies. Genetic predisposition and subclinical disease states are explored through history taking and diagnostic blood/urine/saliva/hair analyses. When indicated, evaluation will include electrocardiography, ambulatory BP monitoring, radiologic studies, and referral to competent colleagues for stress testing, sleep testing, endoscopy, etc.

The appointment will take approximately ninety (90) minutes. At the conclusion of this visit, you will briefly meet with a holistic nutritionist to review your current dietary regimen. You will be scheduled for blood work.

Your follow-up visit will occur two weeks later. At that time the doctor will review the results from any additional tests, summarize your shared health concerns, and discuss the individual plan that has been generated to address these concerns. This meeting will take 45 minutes.

*At the conclusion of this meeting many patients meet with the Center's nutritionist who can provide you with an individual dietary plan. Recommended supplements and remedies can be purchased at the Center.

One month after receiving your Wellness Plan you will return to the Center to assess your progress.

Cancellation Fee : Please note there is a 48 hour advance cancellation policy. if you do not cancel 48 hours in advance, You will be responsible for the full fee for that visit.

Prior To Your First Visit - New Patient Registration
To make an appointment with Dr. Pastore you can call the Center and the doctor’s personal assistant will set up a convenient time for you to meet. To make the most of your first visit you will be asked to answer a series of health related questions in advance. You can fill out this intake form on-line by clicking on to Patient Login . Once your forms are completed, you can electronically submit them to the office. The Center utilizes a secure, HIPPA compliant electronic portal system to provide patients with an easy way to communicate with the doctor. This process will save you significant time not only when you arrive the office, but on an on-going basis. 

*Remember, when you do come to the office for the first time, bring any available medical records, prior test results, and consultation reports you may have.  If you are unable to provide all the information about your current medication/supplement regimen on the portal, bring those with you as well.

Patient's Access to Personal Health Profile Patient's Health Profile
At CHI-Medicine we want to treat patients who are well informed about our approach to managing their health. Once you are an established patient you will be registered to use the Patient Portal to access information regarding your personal health record, test results, your individualized Wellness Plan, planned visits with other practitioners, and ongoing recommendations. You just click on to Patient Login to review your up to the date health record and communicate with the office. Only authorized practitioners involved in your care can interface with your information.

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