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Dr. AnnaLisa Pastore

Photo of Dr. AnnaLisa PastoreDr. AnnaLisa Pastore is a Yale University graduate, and received her MD degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She trained in Internal Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where she served as Chief Resident of her department and remained as an attending physician for the past five years. Most recently, Dr. Pastore furthered her understanding of wellness and disease at Harvard Medical School, where she received her certification in acupuncture.
Dr. Pastore's innovative and comprehensive care of the whole patient integrates traditional medical practices with natural medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, and acupuncture to promote the body's intrinsic healing capacity resulting in optimal health and longevity. Her multifaceted approach maximizes favorable outcomes while minimizing adverse effects in the treatment of many conditions including acute and chronic conditions. In partnership with her patients she develops an integrative wellness plan tailored to their individual needs, providing a pathway to overall health.

On Media

201 Magazine introduced Dr. AnnaLisa Pastor as an exceptional medical professional and introduced Holistic and Integrative Medicine Center, 60 Grand Ave, Englewood, NJ on January 2010 issue. To see more details, Please click magazine cover picture on left.






Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Pastore is trained in a form of medical acupuncture taught by Kiiko Matsumoto. It is a more modern Japanese interpretation of Classical Chinese Acupuncture, practiced for thousands of years and based on Taoist thought and naturalism. The choice of needle insertion patterns is based on traditional principles such as encouraging the flow of qi through classically described acupuncture meridians, but the Kiiko style also relies on reading (through palpation) and releasing reflexes on the body surface. It also examines the chronology of symptomatology over the course of a patient's life to arrive at and address the root. Acupuncture has been used to successfully address many conditions including acute and chronic pain syndromes, headaches syndromes, allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis, infertility, hormonal imbalances, perimenopause, morning sickness, breech presentations, delays in labor, postoperative pain and nausea, depression, anxiety, structural imbalances, etc.

Natural Force Healing

A unique and revolutionary energetic and vibrational therapy designed to create optimal health and well being in the body, mind and spirit, by accessing and amplifying specific vibrations, energies and frequencies. Incorporates self-healing techniques in the therapy.  These techniques are utilized in conjunction with the work to enhance balance in body, mind and spirit.


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